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The Mark - Chapter 9

The Mark

Tom Wise


9. The Future.

Who is the Beast? Is it possible to know? We can only guess. I believe at this time there are three main groups vying for that power:

First, Communism is well-known as the Beast. It has been with us for a century or more, and has caused nothing but widespread misery of the wickedest kind. Communism denies God and religion, and uses an iron fist wherever it comes into power to control commerce and economy.

Second is Islam. Islam itself is not the Beast, but the radical element of Islam is. This Islamic reconstructive radicalism would have us all be Muslims under threat of violence or death, under one harsh and notorious law, with little freedom, and all commerce under their control.

Third, there is Christianity. This gigantic religion is peaceful (mostly) and uses no force (anymore), but there is still an element of beastliness within the proposal that eternal damnation awaits a godly person who doesn't accept that Jesus is part of a triune God, but eternal paradise is given to anyone who accepts Christ even if that person remains ungodly. Such a doctrine is known as “antinomianism” and breeds antichrists.

Besides these three, there are other beastly forces at work:

First, there is hedonism and decadence. This is not news. The world of morality has always been at war with the world of immorality. Alcoholism, drug abuse, sexual perversions, abandonment of responsibility - these are banes even to those who practice them. One interesting sidelight is that hedonism will never bow to Communism or Islam. While no person wants to give up their pleasures, the spoiled are militant over it. If there is a full-blown war of control, hedonism will put up a mighty battle.

Second, there is fascism. Minority group control is always a danger to the majority rule. In so saying, there is hardly a societal organization which is not fascist. However, we are not speaking of fair governing bodies, but those which would impose their will without consideration to any other, and would authorize force to attain and maintain it. This happened in Nazi Germany, but we see it also in the radical activism of even various social control organizations.

The future thus seems to be structured to unfold in this way: Communism and Radical Islam are converging for a showdown with Capitalism and Christianity. The victor will control the world order. If a new world order emerges, then The Beast is likely to emerge with it.

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