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The Mark - Chapter 2

The Mark

Tom Wise


2. The Beast.

Any entity which opposes God is a Beast. Communism is a Beast. Atheism is a Beast. It is no accident that a worldwide increase in deliberate atheism coincides with an increasing global movement for a collectivist society.

Places which are morally loose are beastly, for they expect their residents to tolerate moral laxity rather than abide in godly uprightness. Sodom and Gomorrah were beastly. Perhaps San Francisco is beastly. Perhaps Las Vegas is beastly.

But over-strictness can also be of the Beast. Inquisitions in the name of God are beastly. Jihads in the name of Allah are beastly. The caste system is beastly.

Even freedom can turn beastly. Capitalism is of the Beast when it upsets the balance between freedom and responsibility. That is, capitalism which does not voluntarily limit its own greed is a Beast, against God (capitalism which is forced to limit itself through government regulation and coercion is Communism). While some may argue that capitalism is better than Socialism and/or Communism (terms interchangeable in many cases), or any other financial system, it must be agreed that when capitalism runs unbridled, corruption takes over by human nature.

There is also a Harlot. The Beast is the physical manifestation, in actions and systems, of spiritual evil. The Harlot is the spirit of evil itself. She is who Solomon warned (Proverbs 2:16-19, et al), and is also the "great whore" of Revelation (19:2; chapter 17), an opponent of God, attractive but cunning and deadly. Her goal is spiritual seduction, which she accomplishes through union with the Beast, combining the emotional (covetousness, anger, hate, fear) with the physical (sins, murders, tyranny).

It will be interesting to note that the European Union has adopted several beastly images. One is the pagan goddess Europa riding a bull (the Harlot and the Beast), a statue of which stands outside EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. This image has also been used for a recent EU coin, a 1984 EU stamp, and even an EU phonecard.

This does not necessarily mean that the EU is an indicator of end-times, only that at least one well-organized globalist entity has indicated its preference for beastly over godly images. Another image adopted by the EU is the Tower of Babel. More on such things: here.

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